In Memoriam

In Loving Memory
Anthony “Tony” Bergamo

Founder and Chairman
Federal Law Enforcement Foundation
1946 – 2017

The Federal Law Enforcement Foundation honors the legacies of the following individuals by annually presenting an award in their names to a worthy member of the same federal agency. It signifies noteworthy accomplishments within their respective agencies and reflects upon the very best in law enforcement.

Chester A. Arthur – Department of Homeland Security
Martin J. Burke – United States Marshals Service
John F. Capano – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
James M. Fox – Federal Bureau of Investigation
John W. Maltz – Drug Enforcement Administration
Albert E. Whitaker, Jr. – United States Secret Service
Chester A. Arthur
1829 – 1886
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Chester A. Arthur
1829 – 1886

Chester A. Arthur, the 21st President of the United States, has the unique distinction of holding the highest position within the Customs Service in New York as Collector of Customs, and was the first President to enact general federal immigration laws. His presidency was perhaps best known for political integrity and legal reform.

Prior to his becoming President, in 1871 Chester Arthur was appointed as Collector of Customs for the Port of New York, an extremely influential and powerful position at the time, where he served for the next seven years. However, with a change in presidential administration in 1878, a number of government employees holding influential positions were replaced, including Arthur. Arthur returned to his law practice in New York until 1880, when he was elected Vice President under James A. Garfield. When Garfield was assassinated in 1881, Arthur became the 21st President of the United States. Arthur served from 1881 to 1885, during which time his administration was responsible for civil service, immigration and tariff reform.

In the years leading up to Arthur’s presidency, political positions at many levels were handed out based upon personal relations and party affiliations, rather than merit. This system of graft, also known as the spoils system, was inherently corrupt and inefficient, and was even indirectly responsible for the assassination of President Garfield. Arthur’s appointment to the Collector of Customs position was, in fact, based on this system. As President, however, Arthur sought to correct the wrongs of the past through the passage of the Pendelton Act, which established a modern civil service system based upon competitive selection of candidates through testing and other impartial qualifications. Further, in 1882, his administration enacted the first federal immigration laws which established basic requirements for admission into the United States, and levied a modest fee to cover the costs associated with the processing of each immigrant. It has been said that no man has ever entered the presidency more distrusted – and retired more respected – than Chester A. Arthur.

President Arthur, through his actions, showed that he was a man of integrity, action and courage. It is for these traits the ICE Chester A. Arthur Award for Public Service is proudly given.

Martin J. Burke
1943 – 1999
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Martin J. Burke
1943 – 1999

Martin J. Burke was born on December 21, 1942 in the Bronx, NY, where he was raised and educated. After graduating from high school, he served six months training in the US Naval Reserves. He was a graduate of Westchester Community College where he attained an AAS in Police Science and Mercy College where he received a BS in Social Science.

He entered the Division of State Police on February, 24, 1966, and served as a Trooper in Troops B, K, and SP Manhattan, until May 1, 1975, when he achieved the rank of Investigator. He remained in that position until April 28, 1977, when he was appointed Senior Investigator, assigned to the Governor’s Security Detail in New York City. On June 27, 1978, Mr. Burke was appointed Major, in charge of security for the Governor, assigned to the Governor’s Security Detail in Albany, NY. On June 7, 1984, the Governor’s Security Detail was reorganized into the Protective Services Unit and Major Burke remained in charge of that Detail until his Service Retirement on March 30, 1995. Marty made many lasting friendships during his distinguished career with the State Police. His State Police Personnel record is replete with numerous letters of appreciation from high-ranking officials and ordinary citizens alike. During his tenure, Marty worked tirelessly and literally around the clock at times, to ensure the personal safety of the Governor and his family and other public officials he was assigned to protect. Upon his retirement, Marty was appointed by President William J. Clinton and was confirmed by the United States Senate to the position of United States Marshal for the Southern District of New York. He served with distinction in that capacity until his untimely death on September 23, 1999. He is survived by his wife Diane, and three sons.

John F. Capano
1960 – 2011
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John F. Capano
1960 – 2011

The John F. Capano Award was introduced in 2020 by Special Agent-in-Charge John B. Devito to recognize an outstanding ATF Special Agent that exemplifies the qualities of selflessness, courage and honor in support of the ATF mission to serve and protect our citizens from violent crime.

On December 31, 2011, Special Agent John Capano, age 51, went to a local pharmacy to pick up a prescription for his father. Upon entering the store, Agent Capano walked into an armed robbery in progress with the suspect demanding prescription narcotics from employees. Agent Capano identified himself, and without hesitation intervened to protect those inside. The suspect fled the premises and Agent Capano immediately gave chase to apprehend him. During the subsequent struggle with the armed suspect, Agent Capano was fatally wounded. The suspect then attempted to engage with responding law enforcement officers, but was shot and killed. Special Agent John Capano was survived by his wife and two children.

During his 24 years of distinguished service at ATF, Agent Capano served as a Certified Explosives Specialist, often sharing his explosives expertise by training state and local law enforcement officers, as well as ATF’s international partners across the world. In 2008 and 2010, Agent Capano volunteered to fight in the global war on terrorism; serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan, where he earned the ATF Foreign Service Medal for his exceptional work and leadership.

In 2015, President Barack Obama posthumously awarded Special Agent John Capano with the Medal of Valor. The Medal of Valor is awarded annually by the President of the United States to those public safety officers who have exhibited exceptional courage, regardless of personal safety, in the attempt to save or protect human life. “The ATF family is grateful and honored the President has awarded Special Agent John Capano the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor, the highest national award for valor by a public safety officer,” said B. Todd Jones, ATF Director at that time. “Throughout an extraordinary career in public safety, Special Agent Capano exemplified courage, honor and selflessness. This is a fitting honor for a brave man.”

This award recognizes Special Agent John Capano’s selfless action and courage exhibited in the face of fire, and honors his 24 years of dedicated service to both the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives, as well as the public he gave his life to protect.

James M. Fox
1937 – 1997
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James M. Fox
1937 – 1997

James M. Fox was born on December 23, 1937, in Chicago, Illinois, where he was raised and educated. He graduated from Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science in 1960 and earned a law degree from the University of Illinois College of Law in Champaign, Illinois.

Mr. Fox joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation in September 1962 at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and was appointed Special Agent in May 1963. Thereafter, he accepted assignments in New Haven, San Francisco, and Chicago before returning to Headquarters. After another tour of duty in San Francisco, Mr. Fox was redeployed to the New York City office in September 1984, where he was appointed Special Agent in charge of the Foreign Counterintelligence-Soviet Division. In July 1986 Mr. Fox was designated Deputy Assistant Director in charge of the New York City FBI office. In December 1987, Mr. Fox was designated Assistant Director of the New York Division. In this capacity, Jim Fox distinguished himself by leading some of the country’s most important investigations to successful conclusions.

After retiring from the bureau in 1993, Mr. Fox graced Mutual of America by joining the company in the position of Executive Vice President, Audit and Real Estate Management. During his brief tenure with Mutual of America, Mr. Fox heightened the Company’s reputation for professional integrity and responsibility. Both his wit and wisdom made an impact on his colleagues.

John W. Maltz
1937 – 2013
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John W. Maltz
1937 – 2013

The John W. Maltz Award was introduced in 2007 by Special Agent in Charge John P. Gilbride to recognize an outstanding DEA supervisor who, through exceptional effort, has promoted interagency cooperation and effective transnational law enforcement in support of the DEA mission.

John Maltz is a legendary figure in DEA history, having served with distinction as the longest reigning chief of the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force, the oldest and most successful counter drug initiative in the country. John Maltz graduated from Hofstra University in 1964 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. Shortly thereafter, he joined the DEA’s predecessor agency, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, and soon distinguished himself as an exceptional narcotics investigator.

In 1969, Mr. Maltz was promoted to the position of Group Supervisor, and established the first drug intelligence program in New York City. He was the first chief of the DEA’s Regional Intelligence Unit, and later the Unified Intelligence Division, where he pioneered the concept of collocating DEA personnel with investigators and intelligence analysts from the New York City Police Department and New York State Police in order to achieve a fully integrated tactical and strategic intelligence platform from which to launch drug enforcement operations.

In 1983, following an assignment in DEA Headquarters, Mr. Maltz returned to New York, where he was named Associate Special Agent in Charge and Chief of the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force (NYDETF). During his 11 year tenure as Chief of the NYDETF, Mr. Maltz oversaw the dismantlement of the world’s most prolific and violent drug trafficking organizations, all while building a renowned multi-agency coalition with a global reach that continues to serve as the model for all other drug task forces. Mr. Maltz’s courage, determination, and passion for cooperative law enforcement continue to serve as a source of inspiration for all DEA employees throughout the New York Field Division.

Albert E. Whitaker Jr.
1907 – 1990
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Albert E. Whitaker Jr.
1907 – 1990

Al Whitaker was born on September 23, 1907, in Providence, Rhode Island. He attended Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and had a remarkable career in public service that earned him a reputation that thrives even beyond his 47 years of service to the country.

Whitaker joined the Secret Service in 1930 initially as a clerk in the New York Field Office. He progressed through the ranks to eventually become Special Agent in Charge of the Newark Field Office before his law enforcement career was interrupted briefly in 1942, when he was furloughed for military service during World War II. During his years with the military, Whitaker served the U.S. Army as a tank commander and then worked on the Manhattan Project, which developed the atomic bomb. He was awarded the Legion of Merit, one of the highest commendations of the U.S. Armed Services.

Resuming his work with the Secret Service in 1946, Whitaker was soon assigned to New York as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge. Two years later, he was promoted to Special Agent in Charge of the New York Field Office – a position he held for an astounding 28 years. He retired in 1977.

Whitaker and his wife Margaret remained active participants and generous contributors to a number of philanthropic causes, including the Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service, for which they left a significant donation in their will.

The Kneeling Fireman
September 11, 2001
Never Forget

The Kneeling Fireman

In commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of 9/11/0l, the Milstein Family and Emigrant Bank have dedicated this site to display “The Kneeling Fireman” statue which harkens back to the events of that fateful day.

The statue was originally commissioned by the Firefighters Association of Missouri and was custom manufactured by Matthews International Corp. in Parma, Italy. The statue arrived in New York just as the tragedy began to unfold. Matthews International decided this statue should never leave the city and presented it to the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation, who accepted the gift on behalf of all the firemen and citizens of New York City. The Milstein Family agreed to display the statue and provided a granite base and storage until a fitting permanent site could be found.

“The Kneeling Fireman” was temporarily displayed in front of one of the Milstein buildings at 44th Street and 8th Avenue.

With the dedication of this site in front of the Emigrant Bank building, the statue has found a permanent home and represents the only memorial to 9/11 in midtown Manhattan.

Emigrant Bank was founded in 1850 by Irish immigrants and many of the early depositors worked in the uniformed services, including a large number as firemen.

Howard P. Milstein, Chief Executive Officer of Emigrant Bank, serves on the National September 11 Memorial and Museum Board and has funded sculptures made from the original steel of the World Trade Center for each of the victims’ families. He also funded the recent publication of “Art of Heart: Remembering 9/11”, a book of children’s pictures dedicated to the victims’ families.

The Milstein Family was one of the builders of the World Trade Center, including all walls, floors, and ceilings. During the attack, Milstein employees evacuated residents of Battery Park City buildings by water. For more than a year, Milstein personnel and resources supported the relief effort by providing food and housing.

Among those lost that day was Neil David Levin, Director of the Port Authority, and close personal friend of Howard P. Milstein, as well as daughters of colleagues at Emigrant Bank and Milstein Properties, Lindsay Stapleton Morehouse and Stacey Leigh Sanders.


Honoring Those Lost in the Performance of their Duty

Federal Agencies

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
ALEXANDER, Charles 01/02/1929 KENFORD, Jack 06/14/1932
ANDERSON, Robert 04/16/1923 LANKFORD, Thomas 05/26/1926
BALDING, William 11/16/1932 LeBLEU, Conway 02/28/1993
BARBREY, Herman 01/05/1934 LEEPER, Samuel 07/31/1940
BARNES, M.H. 04/24/1949 LEWIS, W.T. 07/15/1927
BECKETT, Stafford 03/22/1921 LYNCH, Howell 07/06/1922
BENITEZ, Eddie 07/12/1983 MAJORS, Julian 10/17/1957
BERRY, William 03/18/1938 MASENGALE, Johnny 05/06/1992
BINTLIFF, Charles 05/13/1927 MASON, Chester 11/12/1932
BLANDFORD, William 05/12/1934 MATHER, Frank 10/15/1932
BOWDOIN, James 02/16/1925 MATUSKOWITZ, Frank 06/30/1920
BRADEN, William 07/22/1935 McDONALD, Donald 08/24/1953
BRANDT, Jacob 12/09/1926 McGUINESS, James 12/24/1920
BROWN, Albert 06/09/1930 McKEEHAN, Todd 02/28/1993
BUCHTER, Julius 02/02/1961 McMICHAEL, Bert 05/23/1924
BUCK, Robert 02/01/1932 MOBRAY, Walter 12/09/1926
BUCKNER, Remus 05/12/1926 MOLLOY, James 12/30/1938
BULNES, Lindsly 01/23/1932 MOMMER, Lawrence 06/27/1929
BURKE, Curtis 07/22/1931 MONCURE, Robert 01/18/1930
BUTLER, Otto 12/10/1929 MOORING, Harold 09/21/1923
BUTLER, William 09/28/1937 MULCAHY, John 09/03/1925
CAMPBELL, Eugene 09/08/1960 MURRAY, Murdock 10/20/1925
CAPANO, John 12/31/2011 MYRICK, E.W. 06/07/1935
CAPEN, James 05/10/1928 NANTZ, George 07/20/1927
CARNEY, Craig 12/01/1972 NICKERSON, Robert 04/11/1935
CARTER, Atha 12/24/1922 NICOLA, John 10/04/1928
CHUNN, Theodore 11/19/1924 O’TOOLE, John 02/17/1922
CLARK, Melvin 06/17/1947 OURSLER, Howard 10/12/1932
CLEVELAND, Daniel 07/10/1924 OWEN, Joseph 09/06/1922
CLEVELAND, Donald 11/22/1936 PARSONS, Mack 09/20/1930
COLE, E. Guy 12/15/1922 PATTERSON, Franklin 01/18/1930
COLLINS, William 03/06/1925 PATTERSON, James 08/26/1969
COOLEY, Jr., Charles 07/30/1929 PEARCE, Eugene 02/09/1932
COOPER, Joe 10/25/1963 POLK, W.L. 06/28/1953
CORNELIUS, Oliver 02/20/1950 PORTER, William 06/20/1925
CORRIDAN, Thomas 01/01/1927 PRICE, Glenn 09/03/1922
COVINGTON, Charles 10/09/1966 PUGH, William 11/21/1941
CRANE, William 09/12/1953 PURVIS, Joseph 03/30/1928
CREVISTON, Walter 07/30/1931 READ, Paul 07/12/1933
CURTSINGER, Norman 03/25/1968 REGAN, Frederick 09/28/1941
DANIELS, Richard 09/24/1974 REHM, Carl 10/16/1929
DAVIES, Louis 01/14/1930 REYNOLDS, J.H. 08/26/1921
DAVIS, Lawrence 01/17/1956 RIOS, Ariel 12/02/1982
DAY, Malcolm 02/14/1925 ROBERTS, Dallas 01/20/1926
DeARMOND, Norval 01/01/1940 ROGERS, Milton 07/12/1948
DENNY, Douglas 01/20/1964 ROGERS, Vernon 09/08/1965
DORSEY, William 06/13/1920 ROSE, J.H. 10/25/1920
DOYLE, David 09/04/1969 ROUSE, Charles 06/12/1927
DROZ, George 07/12/1929 SANDLANDS, Richard 08/07/1929
DUFF, Robert 12/09/1922 SAYLOR, Willie 02/24/1924
DYKEMAN, George 01/14/1927 SCRUGGS, Irby 04/30/1921
ELLIOT, Harry 06/22/1933 SHAFER, Roy 06/30/1930
EVANS, Robert 04/19/1941 SHEENAN, William 05/31/1955
EVERETT, Holmer 05/02/1931 SHIELDS, William 04/13/1954
EZZELL, Raymond 07/28/1931 SMALLWOOD, Benjamin 07/12/1939
FINIELLO, John 09/19/1930 SMITH, James 11/22/1959
FISHER, Howard 07/22/1922 SMITH, William 12/25/1937
FLINCHUM, Rosie 06/17/1930 SPIGENER, William 12/09/1924
FOLEY, John 10/26/1921 STERNER, Charles 06/25/1922
FOSTER, John 05/14/1936 STETSON, Horratio 06/29/1924
FRAHM, Warren 06/18/1928 STEVENS, Charles 09/25/1929
FRANS, Kirby 11/20/1920 STEWART, George 11/11/1923
FRAZER, Wesley 01/02/1928 STOTLER, Hunter 07/26/1927
FREEMAN, Gary 07/22/1922 STUART, William 03/23/1954
FREEMAN, Robert 02/08/1930 SULLIVAN, David 03/31/1994
GILBERT, Walter 07/22/1931 SUTTON, Ray 08/28/1930
GRANT, Alexander 01/01/1925 TAYLOR, Clyde 05/11/1929
GRANT, Vaughn 06/01/1926 TENNIS, William 09/28/1937
GRAYSON, III, James 01/10/1976 THOMASSON, Wilford 02/14/1937
GREEN, Jacob 03/01/1921 THORWALDSON, Horace 12/20/1926
GRIFFIN, Richard 12/06/1920 TODD, Grover 09/03/1922
GRIFFIN, Roy 08/18/1941 TOLBERT, Walter 02/22/1928
GRUBB, William 03/31/1933 TRABING, George 08/19/1931
GUINN, Walter 01/28/1941 TREXLER, Levi 03/31/1933
HALL, Parker 02/03/1934 TURNER, Ballard 09/29/1932
HANSON, Oscar 03/28/1928 VLASICH, Ernest 10/15/1932
HARBOLT, Dale 06/07/1976 WALKER, Ernest 03/05/1921
HARNEY, James 09/23/1932 WASHBURN, Irving 07/13/1928
HARROUFF, Earl 01/12/1950 WATERS, John 10/05/1922
HART, Major 07/16/1927 WATSON, John 05/03/1921
HOLT, Ralph 10/25/1963 WEISS, Stanton 10/28/1920
HONKALA, William 03/07/1948 WELTY, Leonard 04/13/1933
HOWELL, Charles 07/17/1921 WENTWORTH, George 11/24/1926
JACKLEY, Dano 05/14/1929 WILLIAMS, Robert 02/28/1993
JACKSON, Eugene 07/13/1932 WILLIS, Steven 02/28/1993
JACKSON, Richard 12/16/1920 WILSON, John 07/22/1931
JACKSON, Jr., William 03/08/1938 WOOD, Leroy 04/16/1933
JOHNSON, Herbert 01/01/1932 YORK, Lamar 04/12/1930
JOHNSON, Jesse 11/21/1921 YOUMANS, Leroy 04/03/1923
JOHNSON, Ludwig 07/25/1928 YOUNGER, Rendall 06/01/1943
JONES, Jesse 03/03/1948 ZIMMERMAN, Arthur 08/11/1929
KEARNEY, Dale 07/16/1930    
US Customs and Border Protection
ANDERSON, J.M. 1863 McCABE, James 1923
Babcock, Louise E. 1931 MEDEARIS, Claude A. 1995
BACON, George M. 1955 MENDOZA, Frank 1968
BAKER, Joseph 1932 MILES, Glenn R. 1986
BAYHI, Renault R. 1975 MILLER, Daniel 1810
BEAMAN, Arthur M. 1929 MILLER, Morley L. 1984
BIMA, Peter H. 1947 MINETTO, Anthony S. 1997
BOKINSKIE, Charles J. 1974 MONOHAN,Joseph 1975
BOWDEN, Ralph B. 1932 MORRIS, Thomas S. 1928
BRISTOW, Clyde M. 1932 MURRAY, Thomas 2001
BROWN, Joseph T. 1940 NICHOLS, Rollin C. 1933
BUCZEL, James A. 1988 O’RIORDAN, Timothy M. 1964
CARNES, Herff A. 1932 ORELLANA, Juan Gilbert 1998
CHAFFIN, Frank E. 1946 PARROTT, John W. 1926
CHAPMAN, Frank 1908 PESCARA, Gerardo 1927
CHIN, Tommy K. 1999 PIERLEONI, Kenneth P. 1971
COZZA, Anthony 1945 PHILLIPS, William H. 1970
CRATER, David L. 1987 PORTER, Roy M. 1939
CRISS, Lloyd P. 1924 PREUSTER, Orville A. 1925
CREVECOEUR, Jacques A. F. 1984 PUGH, John F. 1918
DAWSON, Stephen S. 1928 PUTNAM, Arthur B. 1908
DeLOACH, David E. 1993 REDDOCK, Gaston 1918
DIXON, Louis D. 1974 REIMERS, Michael J. 1979
DONNELLY, Hugh 1947 ROBSON, Frank B. 1896
DOTTEN, Lawrence E. 1930 RODRIGUEZ, Pedro J. 1998
DRAKE, Ellis 1808 ROGERS, Charles W. 1929
ELLISON, Egbert 1930 ROMBERGER, Daniel A. 1932
FASSETT, John 1945 RUMSEY, Jr., Robert S. 1922
FELD, Albert 1974 SAENZ, George R. 1989
FLACHS, Charles M. 1936 SCHWARTZ, David 1978
FRIEDLI, Gary P. 1998 SELLINTHIN, John 1962
FULLER, James B. 1984 SEXTON, Harry L. 1934
GILBERT, Arnold W. 1931 SINGLETON, George W. 1975
GOODELL, William B. 1863 SITTER, Joseph R. 1915
GOMEZ, Lorenzo R. 2003 SPENCER, George J. 1981
HALLEY, William 1976 STAPP, Russell L. 1954
HAMILTON, George E. 1931 STONE, Benjamin B. 1957
HEARD, John H. 1932 TALAFOUS, Carl R. 1993
HENRY, Loy C. 1934 TATE, Fred 1918
HOLLINGSWORTH, John E. 1984 TAYLOR, James D. 1987
HOWARD, John S. 1913 TITCOMB, C.N. 1929
ICE, Paul D. 1995 TRASK, Sr., Clarence J. 1947
JONES, Lawrence C. 1930 TRAVERS, Martin J. 1975
JOYCE, George D. 1949 VAN PATTEN, Denis L. 1980
KASKESKI, Vincent D. 1978 VON AMELUNXEN, Roger L. 1980
KELLY, John L. 1931 WALLEN, James A. 1923
KLUMPP, Alan J. 1993 WARD, Kenneth G. 1979
LACEY, John M. 1977 WEBB, Edward B. 1926
LATHAM, Richard M. 1984 WILHELM, David G. 2005
MARSH, Asa 1808 ZURITA VII, Manuel 1998
McCAGHREN, Timothy C. 1990  
Drug Enforcement Administration
ALTHOUSE, G. Douglas 05/28/1992 LIGHTFOOT, Robert C. 11/23/1977
AVANT, James A. 07/24/1986 LUNN, James T. 05/14/1976
AVERSA, Joseph T. 03/05/1990 MANN, Charles H. 08/05/1974
BANGS, Anker M. 09/24/1950 MARKS, Louis L. 10/24/1924
BASSING, Charles M. 07/24/1986 McCARTHY, Eugene T. 02/02/1991
BECKETT, Stafford E. 03/22/1921 McCULLOUGH, Kenneth G. 04/19/1995
BENITEZ, Emir 08/09/1973 McNETT, Terry W. 02/02/1988
BLAND, Shelly D. 04/19/1995 MICHAEL, Chad L. 10/26/2009
BROSCH, Kevin L. 07/24/1986 MILLER, Francis J. 03/05/1977
BROWN, James E. 06/07/1928 MONTOYA, George M. 02/05/1988
BURRELL, Mansel R. 12/19/1967 MOUNGER, Anna Y. 08/05/1974
BYRNE, Thomas J. 08/30/2008 POPE, Anna J. 08/05/1974
CAMARENA, Enrique S. 03/05/1985 RAMOS, William 12/31/1986
CARWELL, Larry N. 01/09/1984 SANDERSON, Andrew P. 09/23/1944
CASH, Arthur L. 08/25/1987 SAWYER, Gerald 11/06/1973
CHAFEY, Rona L. 04/19/1995 SEALE, Jay W. 08/27/1994
CLIFTON, Gene A. 11/19/1971 SEEMA, Paul S. 02/06/1988
CROZIER, John W. 11/16/1934 SHAW, Ralph N. 05/14/1976
CURL, Shaun E. 12/12/1997 SHEE, Wilson Michael 12/12/1957
DEVINE, Thomas J. 09/25/1982 SKEELS, Martha D. 08/05/1974
DWOJESKI, Becky L. 10/21/1993 STAFFORD, Spencer 02/07/1935
FASS, Richard E. 06/30/1994 STASTNY, Raymond J. 01/26/1987
FERNANDEZ, Jr., Frank 08/27/1994 STREHL, Stephen J. 01/19/1993
FIELDS, Carrol June 04/19/1995 SULLIVAN, Mary P. 08/05/1974
FINLEY, Rickie C. 05/20/1989 THOMPSON, Meredith 08/27/1994
FLOYD, Joseph W. 05/17/1922 TRAMEL,Royce D. 08/28/2000
FRAGOS, Nickolas 08/05/1974 TUMMILLO, Frank 10/12/1972
GONZALEZ, Octavio 12/13/1976 VARS, Juan C. 08/27/1994
GREGORY, Bert S. 10/25/1922 WALLACE, Jr., Frank S. 08/27/1994
GROSSO, Leslie S. 05/21/1974 WALLACE, Larry D. 12/19/1975
HALL-WALTON, Alice Faye 03/01/2000 WARD, Marcellus 12/03/1984
HATCHER, Everett E. 02/28/1989 WARE, Donald C. 10/12/2004
HEATH, Jr., Richard 04/01/1973 WATSON, James T. 06/21/2013
HOEFLER, Susan M. 08/16/1986 WESTON, Michael E. 10/26/2009
HOWARD, Jr., Wallie 10/30/1990 WHITE, George F. 03/25/1973
JORDON, Hector 10/14/1970 WILLIAMS, James T. 10/16/1924
KEEHAN, Mary M. 08/05/1974 WINN, Alan H. 08/13/1991
LEAMON, Forrest N. 10/26/2009 WOOD, Charles Archie 03/22/1921
LENZ, Carrie A. 04/19/1995    

Federal Bureau of Investigation
ABRAM, L. Douglas 01/19/90 HORAN, Richard 04/18/57
AHRENS, Robin 10/05/85 INGLE, Albert 11/24/31
ANDERSON, Terry 05/17/66 KIRKLAND, Mark 08/25/77
BAILEY, John 06/25/90 KLEIN, Nelson 08/16/35
BAKER, Wimberly 04/17/37 KRAMER, Kevin 04/14/96
BASFORD, Trenwith 08/25/77 LEVEILLE, Paul A. 09/01/99
BAUM, W. Carter 04/22/34 LYNCH, Michael 12/16/82
BROCK, Joseph 07/26/52 MARTINEZ, Martha 11/22/94
BROWN, Richard 07/14/43 McALLISTER, James 04/18/86
BUSH, Barry Lee 04/05/2007 MILLER, Michael 11/22/94
CAFFREY, Raymond 06/17/33 MURPHY, John 09/26/53
CAREY, Scott 05/10/88 OLIVER, Johnnie 08/09/79
CHRISTIAN, Jr., William 05/29/95 O’NEILL, John P. 09/11/2001
COLER, Jack 06/26/75 PALMISANO, Anthony 01/08/69
CONNERS, Robert 12/16/82 PORTER, Jared 08/09/79
COWLEY, Samuel 11/28/34 PRICE, Douglas 04/25/68
DOVE, Jerry 04/11/86 RAMSEY, William 05/03/38
ELLINGTON, Charles 12/16/82 REED, Charles 03/22/96
ELMORE, Charles 08/09/79 REYNOLDS, Paul 08/09/29
FOXWORTH, Percy 01/15/43 RONQUEST, Jr., Stanley 03/11/92
GROGAN, Benjamin 04/11/86 ROWE, Truett 06/01/37
HABERFELD, Harold 01/15/43 SHANAHAN, Edwin 10/11/25
HATTON, Leonard 09/11/2001 SPINELLI, Gregory 03/15/73
HEREFORD, Terry 12/16/82 TREACY, Jr., Hubert 03/13/42
HICKS, Samuel 11/19/2008 WILLIAMS, Ronald 06/26/75
HOLLIS, Herman 11/27/34 WOODRIFFE, Edwin 01/08/69
US Marshals Service
ADAMS, J.H. 09/02/1878 KEENEY, Lincoln 11/24/1894
ANDERSON, William 11/08/1878 KELLY, William 01/17/1887
ARMES, Leonard 04/20/1860 KIMBREW, Jack 09/11/1878
ARNOLD, Bill 03/17/1898 KIRBY, John 03/05/1896
AYERS, Willard 08/11/1880 KIRKSEY, Bill 05/01/1885
BARTLEY, Hugh 06/30/1921 KUYKENDALL, Mark 01/17/1887
BATCHELDER, James 05/26/1854 LAYMAN, Dave 04/10/1883
BEARD, John 12/09/1894 LEECH, William 04/10/1884
BECK, Addison 09/27/1883 LEFORCE, Newton 12/12/189
BOURLAND, James 05/24/1906 OLINGER, Robert 04/28/1881
BROCKUS, C.B. 02/16/1893 OSBORNE, Dan 11/20/1891
BRUNER, Hickman 06/22/1898 OWENS, Jacob 04/16/1872
BUSH, James 06/27/1906 PEMBERTON, John 02/20/1892
BYRD, William 01/16/1897 PEN-SU-WAU, Steve 02/06/1891
CARLETON, John 11/05/1887 PERRY, John 03/08/2011
CARLSON, Henry 06/20/1991 PETERSON, Fred 07/14/1951
CASEY, J. Walter 07/16/1923 PHELGAR, C.P. 05/14/1915
CHESHIRE, Robert 02/13/1982 PHILLIPS, John 06/30/1888
CHITTY, Artis 08/22/1940 PITTS, William 11/30/1890
COLLINS, John 08/10/1883 PLANK, William 07/23/1914
CONNELLEY, Bernard 08/19/1891 POE, John 09/25/1901
COX, Robert 04/14/1890 POORBOY, Josiah 12/08/1891
CROSS, Will 08/12/1922 PRICE, Thomas 07/20/1901
DALE, Henry 07/14/1971 PRICKETT, Marion 12/15/1890
DALTON, Frank 11/27/1887 PUSLEY, Bud 11/09/1884
DAVIDSON, Holmes 07/23/1914 RAMEY, Marion 05/04/1913
DAVIS, John 08/01/1895 RAY, Herbert 02/02/1935
DEGAN, William 08/21/1992 RICHARDSON, J.E. 03/29/1886
DEITER, W.F. 03/01/1932 RICHARDSON, William 11/17/1855
DILLAWAY, G.W. 12/14/1911 RIVERS, Clyde 05/16/1931
DIXON, L.P. 07/19/1907 ROBERTS, Sam 07/05/1907
DODSON, Joe 08/29/1897 ROFF, Andy 05/01/1885
DORSAY, Raoul 11/25/1937 ROFF, James 05/01/1885
DUNN, R.T. 08/08/1873 SAUNDERS, W.B. 02/13/1890
DUVAL, Perry 11/02/1873 SCHORRE, Hilton 04/30/1971
ELLIS, George 12/10/1877 SCHWEPPE, Edmund 09/15/1952
EVANS, Isaac 09/03/1919 SEAGRAVES, Henry 04/08/1881
EVERETTE, James 07/10/1874 SELRIDGE, George 04/15/1872
EZZELL, J. Locke 04/08/1891 SHADLEY, Lafayette 09/03/1893
FARRAR, Colby 10/07/1939 SHERIFF, Norman 09/24/1971
FIELDS, John 10/19/1892 SHERMAN, Ed 04/21/1930
FIELDS, William 04/10/1887 SHORT, Ed 08/23/1981
FINK, Edward 11/28/1904 SIGEMORE, David 07/31/1890
FINLEY, Cornelius 09/02/1878 SISEMORE, John 11/17/1898
FLANERY, E.F. 03/28/1928 SIXKILLER, Sam 12/24/1886
FORSYTH, Robert 01/11/1794 SLOAN, John 05/04/1913
FRAKES, Roy 07/20/1992 SMITH, Tom 11/04/1892
FRIEND, Noah 11/13/1963 SPEED, Richard 09/01/1893
FRIES, John 10/25/1873 SPIVEY, William 08/06/1874
FRIGATE, Andy 01/01/1873 SPRINGS, Rufus 04/19/1878
FUSSELMAN, Charles 04/17/1890 STEPHENSON, John 07/11/1873
GAINES, Joe 08/22/1893 STOKLEY, E.A. 12/03/1887
GARRETT, John 07/30/1895 STOREY, William 05/02/1870
GRIFFIN, Frank 10/06/1872 STUART, Charles 03/04/1892
GRIGGS, J. Perry 08/10/1893 SUMTER, Robert 08/09/1933
GRISSOM, Thomas 09/13/1894 TAYLOR, B.F. 08/29/1897
GUERIN, James 12/06/1951 TAYLOR, R.L. 10/01/1891
GUY, Jim 05/01/1885 TAYLOR, Tom 10/13/1900
HAGER, James 08/10/1889 THORNTON, George 10/28/1891
HALL, Tom 03/18/1886 THURLO, Edward 02/10/1896
HARDIE, John 12/08/1880 TOONE, Clarence 02/10/1955
HARRISON, Bill 05/09/1894 TORO, Zacarias, Jr. 06/14/2015
HAVEN, John 03/04/1919 TOWNSEND, Dick 04/03/1886
HEINRICHS, Joseph 03/15/1899 TRAMMEL, John 06/26/1888
HENDRIX, Van Buren 02/12/1877 VAUGHN, Samuel 08/08/1953
HICKS, William 04/15/1872 VIER, J. Henry 02/20/1905
HILL, L.S. 07/17/1898 WADE, Z.T. 07/26/1905
Hillman, Peter P. 06/08/2000 WARD, Jim 04/15/1872
HOLDEN, A.W. 05/07/1909 WELLMAN, George 05/09/1892
HOLSONBACK, J.N. 01/11/1902 WHITEHEAD, Thomas 12/08/1891
HOTSINPILLER, Derek 02/16/2011 WHITSON, William 06/30/1888
HOUSTON, Lute 10/20/1902 WILLIAMS, George 11/16/1907
HUESTON, Thomas 09/02/1893 WILLIAMS, Jim 06/05/1889
HURST, Miller 10/11/1885 WILSON, Floyd 12/13/1892
IRWIN, William 04/13/1886 WILSON, Joseph 09/23/1891
JENKINS, Ellis 02/15/1871 WILSON, Vernon 09/13/1892
JOHNSON, A.W. 10/21/1896 WOODS, Riley 04/15/1872
JONES, John 07/03/1903 WRIGHT, Whit 08/02/1939
KEATING, Lawrence 07/26/1895 YOUNG, Thomas 08/25/1882
US Postal Inspection Service
ASBURY, Terrance M. 02/03/1990 LAMBERTH, Elbert P. 08/17/1917
CHANCE, Levi C. 02/14/1923 McAULIFFE, John P. 03/14/1960
DANIEL, George W. 09/01/1919 McMAHON, Finton T. 08/01/1939
FITZGERALD, Charles 09/29/1908 PARNELL, Preston B. 07/26/2012
HARKINS, Ernest M. 01/12/1949 SHAFFER, Bruce O. 08/31/1951
HEAL, Michael J. 06/21/1981 SPIZZIRRI, Benedetto M. 03/14/1960
JONES, Robert F. 07/14/2000 TON, Walter R. 01/10/1938
US Secret Service
BEJCEK, Donald A. 03/05/1983 LEONARD, Donald R. 04/19/1995
BROWN, Cynthia L. 04/19/1995 MARONEY, Mickey B. 04/19/1995
CLEARY, Richard T. 06/11/1986 MARRERO-OTERO, Manuel de J. 12/31/1986
COFFELT, Leslie J. 11/01/1950 McKINNEY, Linda G. 04/19/1995
COLLINS, James Steven 10/20/1992 MILLER, Craig J. 09/11/2001
CONNOLLY, Daniel M. 10/24/1996 ROBINSON, Donald W. 03/05/1983
CRAIG, William 09/03/1902 RYAN, James M. 02/09/1977
CROSS, Julie Y. 06/04/1980 SEIDL, Kathy L. 04/19/1995
DEATON, Scott E. 06/11/1999 SHIPMAN, Thomas B. 10/14/1963
DIAZ, Hector L. 12/26/1997 THOMAS, Henry E. 08/17/1936
DIETRICH, J. Clifford 05/26/1973 VAUGHAN, Thomas E. 11/08/1940
FRASCOIA, Aldo E. 08/17/1996 WALKER, Joseph A. 11/03/1907
GENNERICH, August A. 12/01/1936 WATKINS, Perry S. 01/14/1980
GODBY, Robert L. 05/24/1935 WEBSTER, Robert K. 08/07/1927
HAIR, James W. 07/12/1928 WHICHER, Alan G. 04/19/1995
HOLLINGER, James A. 07/26/1936 WOOGE, Thomas K. 10/17/1968
LaBARGE, George P. 03/05/1983    

State/City/Local Agencies

New Jersey State Police
ABAGNALE, Arthur 06/11/1962 MADDEN, John 03/03/1929
ANDERSON, John 11/01/1955 MALLEN, Albert 08/28/1985
ARROWSMITH, Walter 08/05/1926 MARSHALL, William 12/12/1923
BELLARAN, Francis 05/23/1996 McCANDLESS, Loenard 06/28/1931
BEYLON, Michael 02/22/1932 McCARTHY, John 09/25/1982
BOCK, Emil 05/26/1951 McCLOUD, Marvin 06/06/1995
CARROLL, William 07/12/1984 McMANUS, Matthew 02/28/1938
CASTELLANO , Marc 06/06/2010 MERENDA, Robert 11/29/1971
CONN, Stanley 08/27/1951 MOESTA, Russel 11/19/1970
COYLE, Robert 12/18/1924 MOOS, Theodore 02/27/1987
DANCY, George 05/28/1956 NEGRON, Carlos 05/07/1984
DAWSON, Thomas 08/13/1973 O’BRIEN, Francis 11/27/1944
DeFRINO, Joseph 06/11/1962 O’DONNELL, Cornelius 07/16/1945
DIVERS, John 05/02/1930 OTTE, Walter 01/24/1940
DOOLAN, Willam 01/23/1944 PAGANO, Lester 07/19/1983
ERNST, David 08/04/1927 PERRY, Joseph 06/09/1937
ERRICKSON, Edward 01/25/1984 PRATO, Robert 12/02/1969
FIOLA, Raymond 02/19/1962 RESSLER, John 05/01/1932
FOERSTER, Werner 05/02/1973 SCALES, Christopher 12/03/2002
FUCHS, Finley 12/19/1957 SCOTLAND, James 02/19/1935
GAWRYLA, Walter 04/21/1950 SEGREN, Marienus 07/25/1971
GLADYS, Peter 12/28/1928 SIMCAK, Milan 06/11/1962
GLOOR, Hermon 05/09/1926 SMITH, Joseph 08/04/1927
GONZALEZ, Scott 10/24/1997 STASS, John 12/02/1961
GRAY, Ronald 12/01/1958 TRAINOR, Frank 08/03/1953
GREGERSON, John 04/28/1941 ULLRICH, Charles 02/17/1926
HANRATTY, Thomas 04/02/1992 VOSBEIN, Vincent 06/19/1938
HERBERT, James 05/09/1932 WALTER, Joseph 09/07/1952
IGNATZ, Peter 03/04/1931 WELENC, Hillary 11/20/1959
KAVULA, Thomas 09/19/1968 WIRTH, Joseph 11/25/1951
KOPF, Charles 09/27/1948 YENSER, Warren 11/09/1935
LAMONACO, Philip 12/21/1981 ZIMMERMAN, Betram 05/02/2004
LUKIS, Anthony 05/04/1966 ZURITA VII, Manuel 01/01/1998
New York State Police
ADAMS, Harry 09/01/1951 KELLEY, John 12/02/1960
AMBROSE, Robert 12/19/2002 KELLY, Truscott 05/31/2000
ASHBURN, Paul 07/26/1983 KELLY, Jr., James 08/08/1980
AVERSA, Joseph 03/05/1990 KERINS, Martin 08/23/1938
BAKER, Leroy 08/24/1930 KNAPP, Kenneth 07/17/1945
BLAIR, Garland 10/12/1931 KUBASIAK, Gary 08/30/1982
BOEHM, Alexander 11/13/2024 KURDYS, Alvin 09/15/1987
BRINKERHOFF, David 04/25/2007 LACROIX, Arthur 07/04/1954
BUCK, Thomas 03/19/1981 LANE, John 05/13/1928
BUNNER, Stanley 06/30/1965 LAURENCE, Anthony 07/27/1935
BURROUGHS, Nathaniel 02/14/1997 LAWRENCE, Andrew 09/17/1926
BUTTITTA, Fabio 08/24/1997 LEWIS, Clark 01/19/1936
CAHILL, John 02/22/1930 LORD, John 07/23/1935
CHIPPENDALE, Raymond 08/12/1932 LOSCO, James 07/07/1925
CONKLIN, Robert 07/04/1948 LYNES, Thomas 06/03/1935
CONRAD, James 11/11/1966 MacLARNON, James 01/19/1931
CONSORTE, Thomas 11/23/1987 MATTICE , Jill 01/20/2010
CORBINE, David 05/24/1983 MATTICE, Harold 04/28/1923
COTTER, John 11/21/1970 McCULLY, Bruce 09/30/1973
CROASDALE, Walter 08/22/2027 McDONAGH, William 12/14/1975
CUNNINGHAM, Edward 10/10/1934 McGINN, Charles 06/20/1927
CURLEY, William 10/02/2022 McHUGH, Gerard 05/25/1956
DeGROOT, Gerald 06/24/1978 MOORE, Robert 07/30/1941
DEVITT, Kenneth 02/19/1937 MYERS, Harold 12/19/1950
DIFFENDALE, Arthur 06/14/1951 NUGENT, Jerome 10/13/1933
DILLON, Jr., Emerson 10/24/1974 O’HARA, Patrick 02/22/1952
DOBBS, Theodore 09/29/2024 PALLAS, Jr., Richard 08/31/1967
DOBBS, Jr., William 09/24/1939 PARISIAN, Ricky 05/20/1994
DODGE, Ray 07/02/1974 PERKINS, Charles 10/26/1967
DOLPHIN, Edward 08/06/2028 PLUNKETT, Raymond 01/05/1934
DONAHUE, Ronald 05/23/1959 POORMON, Kenneth 05/31/2000
DONIVAN, Roy 10/08/2023 PRYME, Thomas 07/24/1982
DORRIAN, Charles 09/19/1965 PURCELL, Walter 03/31/1933
DOYLE, William 12/14/1967 RASMUSSEN, Arnold 09/08/1927
DUNN, Vincent 09/30/1932 RATNER, William 07/11/1943
DUNNING, Robert 06/14/1987 REDDY, Arthur 11/15/1937
EMBARRATO, Salvatore 07/06/1961 ROSADO, Jose A. 01/24/2007
FITZPATRICK, Joseph 11/17/1937 ROVNAK, Brian 02/02/1983
FORMOSA, Peter 01/13/1943 ROWE, Samuel 05/01/1970
FREY, John 03/18/1931 ROY, Robert 09/08/1927
FURLONG, John 03/31/1930 RUDD, Ernest 10/05/1925
GAINES, Theophilus 01/15/1932 RYAN, Martin 11/25/1931
GAYLO, Robert 05/13/1980 SCANLON, Thomas 10/05/1925
GEORGE, John 03/01/1970 SCARAFILE, Arthur 05/08/1986
GLEASON, Lawrence 02/11/2002 SEMROV, Robert 01/27/1973
GOHERY, James 12/29/1943 SIMPSON, Ernest 12/01/1927
GONTERMAN, Phillip 09/25/2025 SKIFF, James 05/25/1920
GRAYDON, William 03/19/1938 SNOW, Shawn W 08/03/2008
GREENE, Stanley 02/28/1936 SNYDER, Richard 09/20/1984
GROSSO, Leslie 05/21/1974 STICKLES, Bryant 09/11/1944
HARRISON, Homer 06/19/1933 STRAND, Donald 09/28/1960
HEDGES, Richard 07/11/1942 SWEENEY, Edward 05/17/1930
HOVER, Charles 06/05/1945 VanANTWERP, George 08/23/1934
HUDSON, Thomas 11/26/1985 VanHALL, Jr., Robert 12/05/1980
HUGHES, Tremain 01/15/1932 WELTZ, Richard 03/17/1970
JOHNSON, William 04/12/1945 WHEELER, Harry 07/15/1927
JUNA, Richard 02/08/1970 WILDER, Carl 09/07/1928
KANE, Gerard 11/15/1937 WILKINSON, Earl 05/24/1942


Port Authority Police
AMOROSO, Christopher 09/11/2001 MAZZA, Kathy 09/11/2001
ANSERT, Arthur 10/08/1973 McLEOD, Hitler 11/03/1961
BARRY, Maurice 09/11/2001 McINTYRE, Donald 09/11/2001
CALANDRA, James 11/19/1956 McNEIL, Walter 09/11/2001
CALLAHAN, Liam 09/11/2001 MORRONE, Ferdinand 09/11/2001
CIRRI, Robert 09/11/2001 NAVAS, Joseph 09/11/2001
DAVIS, Clinton 09/11/2001 NELSON, James 09/11/2001
FOREMAN, Donald 09/11/2001 NIEDERMEYER, Alfonse 09/11/2001
FROEHNER, Gregg 09/11/2001 PARHAM, James 09/11/2001
GORMAN, Thomas 09/11/2001 PARKER, Scott 09/05/1983
HOUSTON, Uhuru 09/11/2001 PERRY, William 12/22/1980
HOWARD, George 09/11/2001 PEZZULO, Dominick 09/11/2001
HUCZKO, Steve 09/11/2001 REYNOLDS, Bruce 09/11/2001
INFANTE, Anthony 09/11/2001 RODRIQUES, Antonio 09/11/2001
JURGENS, Paul 09/11/2001 RODRIQUEZ, Richard 09/11/2001
KAULFERS, Robert 09/11/2001 ROMITO, James 09/11/2001
KOEBEL, Henry 05/26/1978 SKALA, John 09/11/2001
LASZCZYNSKI, Paul 09/11/2001 STUART, Walwyn 09/11/2001
LEMAGNE, David 09/11/2001 TIETJEN, Kenneth 09/11/2001
LENNON, John 09/11/2001 WEBB, Nathaniel 09/11/2001
LEVI, John 09/11/2001 WINKLER, Bertram 03/21/1972
LYNCH, James 09/11/2001 WHOLEY, Michael 09/11/2001
New York Police Department
ABRUZZO, Jr., Anthony 12/16/81 LOEWE, Arthur 07/22/22
ALBANESI, John 11/08/55 LONG, William 09/02/56
ALCAMO, Joseph 03/26/92 LONTO, Michael 11/24/39
ALLEN, Hubert 08/05/27 LOPEZ, Luis 03/10/93
ANDERSON, Bruce 09/14/74 LORD, Horace 02/19/71
ANDERSON, Eugene 07/20/57 LORENZO, Ivan 05/05/71
ANDINO, Juan 06/15/84 LORETO, Alfred 07/21/50
ANDREWS, Rodney 03/10/07 LOUGHMAN, John 01/27/08
ARUNDELL, Richard 02/09/63 LOZADA, Irma 09/21/84
ARVANTIS, Plato 12/21/67 LYNCH, Edward 12/07/37
ASTEL, Isadore 08/11/37 LYNCH, Joseph 07/04/40
AUGULIS, John 02/24/68 LYNCH, Michael 07/01/11
BAKER, James 03/28/23 MACE, Francis 12/11/22
BALGA, Anthony 12/06/56 MACRI, Frank 09/03/07
BALZANO, Louis 04/10/50 MACHATE, Robert 03/03/89
BANKS, John 04/15/68 MADDEN, John 09/11/68
BANNON, John 05/27/66 MADIGAN, Thomas 11/03/31
BARRETT, William 08/26/18 MAHER, Edward 01/14/41
BARROWS, Howard 12/21/30 MAHMOUD, David 11/11/10
BARRY, James 08/07/28 MAHNKEN, George 06/26/37
BARRY, John 01/24/67 MAHON, Kenneth 12/28/74
BAUMEISTER, William 11/30/00 MAHONEY, Eugene 02/06/44
BAUMFELD, William 06/28/63 MALLON, Francis 05/04/83
BEHNSTEDT, Henry 11/05/28 MALONE, Patrick 01/05/44
BETANCOURT, Jamie 03/31/02 MANDEL, Robert 04/23/77
BETSCH, Robert 04/30/79 MANGEN, James 10/26/10
BEYER, Daniel 01/20/36 MANZIONE, Robert 01/18/79
BILODEAU, Robert 02/12/80 MARICONDA, Joseph 03/01/70
BISHOP, George 12/21/67 MARSHALIK, Yevgeniy (Eugene) 03/14/07
BLACK, Albert 03/01/45 MARSHALL, Harold 12/07/71
BLOOMFIELD, Harry 08/09/30 MARTIN, David 08/06/61
BLUMBERG, Harry 08/22/24 MASONE, Christie 04/02/78
BOESCH, Alfred 01/21/95 MASTERSON, Henry 02/25/38
BOLDEN, Robert 01/22/71 MASTERSON, James 01/31/27
BORKIN, Morris 05/17/27 McAULIFF, Edward 12/08/46
BORJA, Ceaser A. 01/23/07 McBREEN, Joseph 08/11/37
BOSWORTH, John 08/11/37 McCAFFREY, William 10/03/29
BOYLAN, Thomas 04/05/52 McCARRON, Ernest 01/07/34
BRENNAN, James 10/28/88 McCARTHY, Jacqueline 07/05/10
BRIDGETTS, Joseph 02/17/21 McCONNON, Michael 01/03/75
BRIGGS, John 12/23/39 McCORMACK, John 11/10/19
BRINKERS, Jan 05/04/81 McCORMACK, Joseph 09/29/83
BRITT, Kenton 11/12/86 McCORMACK, Richard 08/26/36
BROOKS, Paul 02/28/52 McCORMICK, John 04/27/88
BROPHY, William 09/22/46 McCORMICK, Matthew 09/19/43
BROSNAN, Jeremiah 09/13/28 McDEVITT, Henry 06/26/77
BROWN, Angelo 01/31/84 McDONALD, Sean 03/15/94
BRUDEN, Albert 01/11/29 McDONNELL, Brian 09/11/01
BRUNO, Benny 01/30/56 McGILLION, James 08/12/52
BUCKLEY, Francis 01/06/22 McGINLEY, Anthony 12/27/44
BUCKNER, Anthony 10/24/39 McGIVERN, James 07/24/76
BUCZEK, Michael 10/18/88 McGOWAN, Cornelius 08/17/69
BUGDIN, Frank 02/02/75 McGRATH, Frank 09/27/45
BURKE, James 12/13/46 McHALE, Richard 10/24/35
BURKE, Joseph 06/18/32 McINTYRE, Thomas 09/23/96
BURNS, James 06/04/32 McKEON, Francis 11/17/45
BURNS, Jr., Thomas J. 12/31/39 McLEAN, Anthony 04/13/88
BURNS, Thomas L. 08/06/35 McMAHON, James 12/23/30
BUSSEY, James 10/28/45 McMAIL, James 03/15/22
BUTCH, Stanley 02/11/66 McNIERNEY, Joseph 10/03/13
BYRNE, Edward 02/26/88 McPHILLIPS, Stephen 12/20/25
BYRNES, Robert 09/04/62 MEAD, George 10/10/73
BYRNS, Edward 11/19/26 MEADERS, Joseph 10/22/72
CAFISO, Salvatore 10/24/02 MELCHIONA, Michael 02/28/70
CAHILL, James 09/29/54 MERCER, Maitland 07/31/65
CALABRESE, Seraphin 02/24/80 MEYER, Charles 05/28/48
CAMPISI, Anthony 11/04/66 MEYER, Henry 09/16/27
CANAVAN, Patrick 09/07/70 MICCIO, Joseph 12/08/42
CANNON, Raymond 12/02/94 MICHIE, Charles 11/25/46
CANTOR, Benjamin 06/04/27 MIHLHEISER, Clarence 08/28/39
CAPERS, William 04/03/72 MILLER, George 02/12/30
CARBONELL, Emil 05/23/19 MILLER, Louis 03/11/87
CARDILLO, Phillip 04/14/72 MILLER, William 01/05/22
CAREY, John 11/03/92 MIRELL, Julius 03/09/48
CARLO, Madeline 07/15/07 MISISCHIA, Joseph 01/23/34
CARRAGHER, Edward 01/13/50 MITCHELL, Edward 07/15/77
CARRAGHER, James 02/11/82 MITCHELL, Patrick 06/20/30
CARRINGTON, Sean 01/19/98 MONAHAN, Eugene 02/04/33
CARTER, Gerard 07/31/98 MONAHAN, John 12/03/34
CASEY, John 03/18/48 MONDO, Frank 07/14/22
CASEY, Thomas 12/06/41 MONZILLO, Edward 08/02/66
CASSIDY, Emmett 06/06/39 MORABITO, Joseph 08/26/71
CAVIGLIA, Dominick 07/28/30 MORENO, Nicholas 05/23/39
CERULLO, Norman 04/02/78 MORIARTY, John 07/02/22
CHASON, Jack 04/04/47 MOROSO, Michael 12/08/32
CHIARAMONTE, Vito 09/26/77 MORRISSEY, James 04/15/32
CHISOLM, William 10/07/89 MORRISSEY, John 05/14/34
CHRISTMAN, William 10/08/56 MORRISSEY, Philip 12/10/29
CHURCHILL, Edwin 08/21/31 MORUZZI, Humbert 04/17/38
CLARIUS, Philip 03/15/34 MOSOMILLO, Anthony 05/26/98
CLARK, Clarence 11/23/38 MOTZ, Otto 01/19/22
CLARKE, Charles 11/07/09 MULLIN, Edward 01/31/01
CLONAN, John 01/19/85 MURPHY, Frank 08/08/26
COE, Gary 11/11/89 MURPHY, Gerald 10/22/70
COLLINS, James 11/29/41 MURPHY, Timothy 09/14/31
CONK, John 05/03/21 MURPHY, Timothy M. 01/12/74
CONLON, John 04/06/55 MURPHY, Walter 01/07/33
CONNELL, Timothy 07/12/24 MURRAY, Brian 09/11/76
CONNELLY, George 08/11/49 MURTHA, Edward 02/06/14
CONNELLY, Joseph 03/27/21 MYERS, George 03/22/32
CONNOLLY, Vincent 12/03/73 NADLER, George 02/01/35
CONWAY, Harold 01/31/31 NARVAEZ, Federico 10/18/96
COOPER, Victor 11/23/38 NEMORIN, James 03/10/03
CORLETT, Henry 07/13/68 NEVILLE, Daniel 08/27/21
CORN, Herman 06/08/58 NOLAN, Joseph 06/26/18
COSGROVE, James 10/07/66 NORDEN, Joseph 12/03/54
COSTA, Peter 11/25/33 NOWOMLYNSKI, Daniel 09/16/77
COTTER, Patrick 08/04/13 NUGENT, Kenneth 08/20/71
COUGHLIN, John 09/11/01 NULET, Joseph 11/07/64
COUGHLIN, Richard 02/24/30 O’BRIEN, John 08/25/64
COZIER, Kenneth 04/19/63 O’BRIEN, Maurice 01/30/30
CRANE, George 05/29/63 O’BRIEN, William 05/02/47
CULLEN, James 06/11/25 O’CONNELL, Thomas 06/17/12
CUNNINGHAM, Samuel 06/19/17 O’CONNOR, Patrick 11/24/71
CURTIN, Michael 09/11/01 O’CONNOR, Roderick 07/27/50
CURTIN, Philip 10/02/60 O’CONNOR, William 05/19/31
CURTIS, Joseph 05/12/44 O’HARA, Francis 11/25/46
CZARTORYSKI, Kevin 12/05/10 O’LEARY, Edward 07/26/57
DAGGETT, James 09/10/51 O’ROURKE, Bernard 08/01/13
DALLARA, John 09/11/01 O’ROURKE, Francis 01/21/58
DANDRIDGE, James 10/20/67 O’SHAUGHNESSY, Wm. 06/09/31
DANISI, Nicolo 07/10/68 ODDO, Charles 02/17/96
DANZ, Vincent 09/11/01 OEHLERKING, Oscar 08/06/26
DARCY, John 09/13/67 OETHEIMER, Anthony 03/26/49
DASZKIEWICZ, Frank 11/22/26 ORTIZ, Edwin 07/04/11
DAVIS, Charles 12/21/96 PADIAN, Harry 07/07/38
DEANS, William 06/24/22 PANCZYK, William 07/31/47
DeCARLO, Peter 09/03/32 PANICO, Nicholas 08/31/62
DECASTILLIA, Walter 03/15/30 PAOLILLO, Michael 09/23/70
DEGIVE, William 06/28/31 PARIS, Winthrop 03/11/47
DELL’AQUILLA, Stephen 01/31/68 PARKER, Robert 09/10/04
DeLORENZO, Jerome 09/18/27 PARKER, Myron 08/20/87
DeMARRAIS, Jr., Arthur 11/07/37 PASQUARELLA, Dioniso 03/15/36
DEMUTIIS, Nicholas R. 01/25/94 PATWELL, John 06/15/80
DENTON, Robert 07/24/71 PEACO, Gary 06/16/88
DIMURO, Angelo 01/27/43 PEGUES, Thomas 08/19/74
DIXON, Norman 07/14/41 PEKEARO, Nicholas T. 03/14/07
DOLAN, Francis 03/16/40 PELO, Arthur 09/25/71
DOMINIGUEZ, Jerome 09/11/01 PELOSI, Joseph 12/08/24
DONADIO, Paul 07/02/70 PENDERGRASS, John 04/03/53
DONALD, Ted 06/15/79 PEREZ, Jose 04/27/94
DONEGAN, James 10/15/64 PERRY, John 09/11/01
DONOHUE, John J. 07/07/72 PESSAGANO, Guido 10/19/31
DONOHUE, John T. 02/16/23 PETERSON, Howard 11/01/31
DONOVAN, James 03/19/43 PETTIT, Glen 09/11/01
DONOVAN, Jr., John 10/01/63 PETROSINO, Joseph 03/12/09
DOWLING, James 12/24/35 PIAGENTINI, Joseph 05/21/71
DRISCOLL, Stephen 09/11/01 PICCIANO, Joseph 02/15/71
DUFFY, Albert 08/02/22 PIERSON, George 11/08/37
DUFFY, John 11/17/29 PIGNATARO, Joseph 11/13/68
DUGO, Robert 04/13/61 PISELLI, Daniel 01/21/41
DUNCAN, William 05/17/30 POHNDORF, Henry 05/10/22
DUNSTON, James 11/20/80 POLAROLO, John 07/20/64
DURSEE, Joseph 08/25/28 POLLINS, John 03/14/67
DURYEA, George 05/16/64 POLTIE, Albert 07/24/51
DWYER, Anthony 10/17/89 POTENZA, Salvatore 10/15/64
DZIERGOWSKI, Matthew 02/14/99 POTTER, Charles 07/22/21
EASTBY, Clifton 12/30/68 PRICE, Isaac 07/05/46
EBERHARDT, William 09/15/31 QUINN, John 02/16/18
EGAN, John 09/01/23 RAFFERTY, Patrick 09/10/04
EDWARDS, Omar J. 05/28/09 RAINEY, Donald 09/29/65
EGGERS, Arthur 03/27/44 RAMOS, Jr., William 06/14/60
EHMER, Bobby 11/21/10 RANDOLPH, Harold 05/12/51
ELLIS, Mark 09/11/01 RASSMUSEN, Arthur 05/04/34
ENCHAUTEGUI, Daniel 12/10/05 RAUCHUT, Joseph 11/30/57
ENRIGHT, Hugh 03/20/04 REAGAN, David 05/28/00
ENTON, Disdale 08/28/02 REDDY, Frederick 09/16/75
ERBEN, Maurice 10/13/70 REDICAN, Frank 12/06/03
ERGEN, Henry 08/04/53 REIDY, Michael 01/23/87
FAHEY, Patrick 01/31/28 REILLY, Charles 04/05/26
FALLON, Luke 05/18/62 REILLY, Joseph 02/16/23
FARRELL, Charles 09/23/32 REINER, Joseph 12/25/35
FARRELL, Henry 03/04/27 REUSCHLE, Joseph 09/28/21
FASH, Arthur 08/04/28 REYNOLDS, Andrew 04/16/55
FAVATA, Angelo 07/11/38 REYNOLDS, Jr., Charles 07/26/23
FAZIO, Robert 09/11/01 RICHARDS, Claude 09/11/01
FERGUSON, Keith 01/31/04 RINGHAUSER, John 05/07/31
FERGUSON, Walter 06/15/67 ROGERSON, Robert 03/03/75
FERRARO, Edward 06/06/04 ROLKER, Donald 11/28/63
FIELDS, Wilson 06/26/30 ROMANELLA, Frank 07/26/23
FINK, John 10/15/32 ROONEY, William 06/20/42
FINNEGAN, John 05/18/62 ROOS, Edward 01/27/38
FISHER, James 06/03/38 ROSENFELD, Samuel 02/13/18
FITZGERALD, Robert 01/11/08 ROTH, John 04/24/69
FITZPATRICK, John 05/20/20 ROWLEY, James 07/22/83
FITZPATRICK, Philip 05/26/47 ROY, Timothy 09/11/01
FITZPATRICK, Thomas 01/31/01 RUOTOLO, Thomas 02/14/84
FLANAGAN, James 03/12/31 RUSSELL, Michael 08/02/79
FLOOD, John 07/03/17 RYAN, Michael 11/05/07
FLOOD, William 12/21/77 RYMAN, Harry 08/14/80
FOGEL, Edwin 09/09/79 SANCHEZ, Anthony 05/19/97
FOLEY, Michael 04/10/37 SANGER, Horatio 11/22/57
FONTANEZ, Hector 09/12/91 SAVER, Charles 10/19/29
FORD, Horace 11/06/78 SCALA, John 01/24/75
FORREST, Robert 03/12/59 SCARANGELLA, John 05/01/81
FOSTER, Gregory 01/27/72 SCHALL, Stanley 05/06/64
FOX, Leon 02/16/41 SCHEU, George 07/16/87
FRAZER, John 09/28/34 SCHEVING, Christopher 02/19/31
FREDENBURG, Deforest 03/10/17 SCHIFFRIES, Harry 01/17/47
FURNESS, Asa 12/29/78 SCHIMENTI, Thomas 08/17/79
GADELL, Scott 06/28/86 SCHMELTER, William 04/14/29
GAFFNEY, Joseph 01/11/16 SCHMIEMANN, Henry 06/20/74
GAFFNEY, Thomas 03/02/24 SCHNEIDER, John 01/13/24
GALAPO, Joe 08/16/88 SCHOWERS, James 09/23/41
GALFANO, Barry 06/26/11 SCHREMPF, Edmund 05/01/64
GALLAGHER, Lawrence 07/14/36 SCHULTZ, Philip 10/09/65
GARCIA, Joseph 01/20/75 SCHWARZ, Henry 05/30/16
GARGAN, Thomas 08/17/47 SCOTT, Joseph 03/11/30
GARVEY, James 04/21/34 SEABROOK, Joseph 05/29/10
GERHARD, George 12/14/32 SECHLER, George 04/14/07
GIBBONS, John 10/04/28 SELLECK, Alfred 04/16/07
GILBERT, Thomas 11/18/18 SENK, Walter 11/22/30
GILLESPIE, Kevin 03/14/96 SERRANO, Hilario 01/31/92
GILLIS, Rodney 09/11/01 SHAFER, Paul 01/07/30
GILROY, Stephen 01/19/73 SHEARES, Leroy 04/18/36
GLOVER, Andrew 09/16/75 SHEEHAN, David 08/22/25
GODDY, William 08/07/27 SHEEHAN, Eugene 10/22/07
GODFREY, Charles 05/12/25 SHEEHAN, Thomas 01/16/53
GOGGIN, Jack 05/06/09 SHERIDAN, John 02/14/21
GOLDEN, Frank 05/16/47 SHERMAN, John 09/01/91
GOODWIN, James 02/15/32 SHERRY, Bernard 05/02/31
GRAFFIA, Anthony 02/19/68 SINGER, John 08/11/26
GRATTAN, John 12/09/32 SIRVENT, Miguel 05/25/70
GREENE, Joseph 05/03/64 SKAGEN, John 06/28/72
GRENNAN, Andrew 06/28/27 SLEDGE, Cecil 01/28/80
GROSSBERGER, George 12/31/29 SMITH, Frederick 10/26/97
GROTTANO, Bernardino 05/26/24 SMITH, George 02/20/21
GUARNIERI, Joseph 04/02/14 SMITH, Harold J. 03/05/11
GUERZON, Richard 11/13/89 SMITH, Irving 02/29/80
GUIDICE, Vincent 05/22/96 SMITH, James 12/20/36
GUNN, William 11/27/92 SMITH, Moira 09/11/01
GUNTHER, Charles 11/18/61 SOCHA, Ferdinand 07/04/40
GUTTENBERG, David 12/28/78 SORRENTINO, Robert 04/24/80
HACKETT, Thomas 05/04/38 SPARKS, Thomas 07/03/57
HAFNER, Harry 05/11/59 SPEER, Michael 12/23/29
HAGAN, Chester 02/14/25 SPINOLA, Salvatore 10/02/69
HAMPERIAN, Joseph 09/22/83 STANCHI, Ralph 06/17/73
HANKE, Martin 10/18/38 STAPLETON, Ronald 01/03/78
HANSEN, Kenneth 06/12/91 STARRETT, Saul 09/02/53
HARLOW, Maurice 02/22/25 STEFANE, Lawrence 05/28/70
HARNETT, Thomas 04/02/30 STEPHENSON, Willie 07/03/66
HARRINGTON, Patrick 03/01/70 STEWART, Dillon 11/28/05
HARRIS, Robert 12/20/67 STOFFEL, William 10/08/28
HAWKINS, Kevin 03/07/07 STROUD, Elijah 03/18/72
HAY, Douglas 05/18/22 STUTT, Alexander 06/09/39
HEANEY, William 05/03/13 SUAREZ, Ramon  
HEDEMAN, William 07/29/06 SULLIVAN, Daniel 04/06/37
HEGERICH, Howard 07/30/45 SWIDER, Ale 11/01/23
HEIDELBERGER, Paul 07/18/92 SWOBODA, Joseph 06/22/42
HENEBERRY, Richard 08/06/25 SZWEDOWSKI, Jacob 04/29/45
HENNESSY, Francis 01/10/06 TALKOWSKY, Michael 01/31/59
HENNINGER, Edward 06/09/69 TALTY, Paul 09/11/01
HERMAN, Jeff 06/02/89 TAYLOR, Joseph 08/29/77
HERNANDEZ, Eric 02/08/06 TEARE, Charles 05/13/13
HIGGINS, William 03/18/26 TERRY, Carson 12/20/71
HILL, Thomas 07/28/30 THOMAS, Frederick 08/14/24
HOBAN, Christopher 10/18/88 THOMAS, Rudolph 07/04/93
HOEY, John 05/04/31 THOMPSON, Edward (Ned) 03/09/08
HOFFMAN, Charles 11/12/22 THOMPSON, Erle 02/20/71
HOGAN, William 09/26/40 THOMPSON, Sid 06/05/73
HOLMES, Elliote 06/15/44 TIMOSHENKO, Russel 07/14/07
HOLMES, James 03/23/86 TOBIN, John 10/29/62
HOLMES, Robert 08/06/17 TOM, Martin 06/04/11
HOLSTEIN, William 05/09/39 TORNATORE, Anthony 01/09/38
HOLT, Jr., John 02/12/40 TROJAHN, Charles 07/22/83
HONANHAN, John 11/05/24 TUOHY, John 03/20/63
HOPKINS, John 01/20/35 TURMAN, David 10/13/68
HOPKINS, Melvin 09/15/79 TUSTIN, Jr., Henry 11/09/70
HORTON, Floyd 12/16/20 VALENTIN, Santos 09/11/01
HOWARTH, Arthur 07/09/38 VALENZANO, Vito 04/10/60
HUBBARD, John 02/28/28 VAN CLIEFF, Alfred 12/04/23
HUGHES, Christopher 01/22/43 VARECHA, John 10/07/68
HUNTER, George 10/12/46 VELLOTA, Gerald 01/19/71
HURLEY, Timothy 03/09/74 VENABLE, Robert 09/22/87
HYLAND, John 07/26/24 VENDITTI, Anthony 01/21/86
IMMEN, Henry 02/21/20 VENTURELLI, Pasquale 01/23/43
INNES, Lloyd 06/16/67 VIGIANO, Joseph 09/11/01
JACOB, Harold 01/18/67 VITALE, Gabriel 12/24/80
JOCKEL, Joseph 12/28/29 VON WEISENSTEIN, Wm. 01/21/48
JOHNSON, Edward 01/08/60 VORDEN, William 11/15/30
JOHNSON, Milagros 11/11/92 WAHL, Walter 05/23/27
JONES, Brian 10/13/96 WALBURGER, Henry 07/27/64
JONES, Waverly 05/21/71 WALKER, Thomas 08/15/65
KATZ, Sam 04/06/53 WALLACE, Benjamin 01/08/46
KAVANAGH, Edward 11/14/07 WALLACE, Thomas 10/09/28
KEANE, Michael 07/27/42 WALSH, Francis 09/04/61
KEEGAN, Joseph 06/19/80 WALSH, John 01/21/32
KEENAN, Edward 02/23/30 WALSH, Robert 01/12/81
KELLER, Kenneth 08/31/69 WALTON, Abraham 07/14/80
KELLY, John 07/17/00 WARD, Lawrence 05/06/34
KELLY, Thomas 04/17/25 WASHINGTON, James 05/29/78
KELLY, William 01/31/28 WEAVER, Walter 09/11/01
KEMMER, Charles 12/22/27 WEBB, Walter 08/21/31
KENNEDY, John 12/03/22 WECKESSER, Joseph 06/16/27
KENNEDY, William 10/15/93 WEIDIG, Charles 11/08/30
KENNY, Arthur 04/02/26 WERDANN, George 02/21/82
KERTIN, William 07/28/29 WERDANN, Theodore 05/12/32
KILEY, Michael 05/04/14 WHITE, Frank 02/10/26
KILLION, James 01/18/35 WHITTINGTON, James 10/29/82
KILPATRICK, David 01/28/38 WIDDER, Harry 09/25/53
KING, Carlos 12/20/76 WIENDIECK, Louis 12/13/33
KING, Harold 08/22/41 WILLIAMS, Keith 11/13/89
KLOEPFER, Ronald 09/11/01 WILLIAMS, Melvin 05/31/38
KNUDSEN, Peter 11/25/46 WILLIAMSON, John 10/08/93
KRAFT, Jacob 05/08/36 WILLIAMSON, Robert W. 03/13/07
KRANZ, John 01/02/32 WILLIS, David 09/25/95
KUSSIUS, Joseph 12/22/40 WILLOUGHBY, Hugh 12/14/61
LAMBRECK, Phillip 03/14/72 WILSON, John 09/23/37
LAMONICA, Philip 09/21/52 WISEMAN, Donald 04/25/55
LANGONE, Thomas 09/11/01 WONG, George 05/24/11
LASALA, Francis 01/10/87 WOOD, Andrew 04/12/29
LAURENSON, Robert 06/02/73 WRIGHT, Irving 03/05/73
LAURIE, Rocco 01/27/72 WYNN, Thomas 03/31/14
LEAHY, James 09/11/01 YGLESIAS, Raul 12/12/66
LEE, Kevin 01/27/06 YOUNG, James 02/12/36
LESSLER, George 03/17/56 YOUNG, John T. 02/19/07
LEVINE, Harold 08/12/66 ZACCOR, Frank 01/06/38
LEVINE, Keith 12/28/91 ZAWOLTK, Michael 08/25/46
LOBER, John 03/10/17 ZICHETTELLA, Vincent 02/14/63


Nassau County Police Department
BENEDICT, Alexander N. 02/03/1939 KEMPEN, George R. 11/14/1976
BORGWARDT, Alvin J. 02/25/1932 KENNEDY, John D. 07/12/1932
BREITKOPF, Geoffrey J. 03/12/2011 KLEPPER, Arthur J. 12/03/1937
CALIFANO, Michael J. 02/05/2011 LOPEZ, Arthur 10/23/2012
COOTE, Joseph L. 03/22/1961 MURPHY, David 09/09/1942
DALY, John F. 10/28/1957 OLIVIERI Jr., Joseph P. 10/18/2012
DeFRANCESCO, Louis A. 11/24/1957 PICKWICK, Robert 08/06/1960
DELGIORNO, Alfred 12/07/1956 REILLY, Kathleen M. 12/25/1967
DOWD, John P. 04/30/1929 ROSE,Richard B. 12/29/1971
DUNCAN, Lawrence E. 10/12/1935 SELLERS, William 05/19/1954
FARLEY, Gary R. 03/07/1993 SHAW, Charles H. 09/09/1940
GIGLIO, Matthew F. 12/16/1975 STERNBERG, Joseph 08/16/1954
GREER, Daniel 12/16/1979 TROFEMUK, William 05/14/1961
HAHN, John A. 09/24/1925 VERITY, Milton E. 02/25/1932
HARRIS, Robert 05/17/1978 WEST,John E. 02/04/1946
HIRSCH Jr., Fred S. 05/06/1931 YULCH, Adam 07/02/1950
KAVANAGH, Michael 05/29/1977    


Suffolk County Police Department
BURKHARDT, Jack 3/15/1977 JANTZEN, John 4/21/1991
CATALDO, Frank 11/3/1971 KOHLER, Alfred 7/14/1963
CATTANO, Carmelo 5/30/1963 MACCIA, Carmine 6/15/1978
CIANO, Glen 2/22/2009 MCMULLEN, George 4/24/1969
DEROSA, William 1/31/1976 MULLEN, Stephen 12/7/2018
DEVINE, Lawrence 8/22/1981 NOLAN, John 4/17/1960
DEVIVO, Vincent 10/28/1962 REICHARDT, Dennis 10/4/2018
FARRELL, James 12/1/2017 SORLI, Ralph 8/14/1977
FREES, George 4/6/1971 STEWART, Henry 7/11/1992
HAWKINS, Joseph 8/13/1972 VENUS, John 11/20/1994
HENCK, Timothy 8/6/1995 WILLETS, Albert 6/3/1971
HERNANDEZ, Edwin 7/27/2004 WUSTENHOFF, Dennis 2/15/1990
HUTCHENS, James 7/2/1992    


New York Fire Department
Assistant Chief Donald Burns Fire Fighter Martin DeMeo
Assistant Chief Gerard Barbara Fire Fighter Martin McWilliams
Battalion Chief Dennis Cross Fire Fighter Matthew Barnes
Battalion Chief John Fanning Fire Fighter Matthew Garvey
Battalion Chief Edward Geraghty Fire Fighter Matthew Rogan
Battalion Chief Fred Scheffold Fire Fighter Michael Bocchino
Battalion Chief John Moran Fire Fighter Michael Boyle
Battalion Chief John Paolillo Fire Fighter Michael Brennan
Battalion Chief John Williamson Fire Fighter Michael Cammarata
Battalion Chief Joseph Marchbanks Jr. Fire Fighter Michael Carlo
Battalion Chief Lawrence Stack Fire Fighter Michael Carroll
Battalion Chief Matthew Ryan Fire Fighter Michael Cawley
Battalion Chief Orio Palmer Fire Fighter Michael Clarke
Battalion Chief Raymond Downey Fire Fighter Michael D’Auria
Battalion Chief Richard Prunty Fire Fighter Michael E. Roberts
Battalion Chief Thomas DeAngelis Fire Fighter Michael Elferis
Battalion Chief William McGovern Fire Fighter Michael Fiore
Battalion Chief Joseph Grzelak Fire Fighter Michael Haub
Battalion Chief Charles Kasper Fire Fighter Michael Kiefer
Battalion Chief Dennis Devlin Fire Fighter Michael Lynch
Captain Brian Hickey Fire Fighter Michael Lynch
Captain Daniel Brethel Fire Fighter Michael Lyons
Captain David Wooley Fire Fighter Michael Montesi
Captain Frank Callahan Fire Fighter Michael Mullan
Captain Frederick Ill Jr. Fire Fighter Michael Otten
Captain James Amatao Fire Fighter Michael Ragusa
Captain Joseph Farrelly Fire fighter Michael Reilly
Captain Louis Modafferi Fire Fighter Michael Roberts
Captain Martin Egan, Jr. Fire Fighter Michael Weinberg
Captain Patrick Brown Fire Fighter Neil Leavy
Captain Patrick Waters Fire Fighter Nicholas Chiofalo
Captain Terence Hatton Fire Fighter Nicholas Rossomando
Captain Thomas Farino Fire Fighter Patrick Byrne
Captain Thomas Haskell Jr. Fire Fighter Patrick Joyce
Captain Thomas Moody Fire Fighter Patrick Lyons
Captain Timothy Stackpole Fire Fighter Patrick O’Keefe
Captain Vincent Brunton Fire Fighter Paul Beyer
Captain Walter Hynes Fire Fighter Paul Gill
Captain William Burke Jr. Fire Fighter Paul Keating
Captain William O’Keefe Fire Fighter Paul Pansini
Chaplain Mychal Judge Fire Fighter Paul Ruback
Chief of Department Peter Ganci, Jr. Fire Fighter Paul Tegtmeier
Dep. Comm. William Feehan Fire Fighter Paul Warhola
Deputy Chief Joseph E. Piazzi Fire Fighter Peter Bielfeld
Fire Fighter Adam Rand Fire Fighter Peter Brennan
Fire Fighter Alan Feinberg Fire Fighter Peter Carroll
Fire Fighter Allan Tarasiewicz Fire Fighter Peter Langone
Fire Fighter Andre Fletcher Fire Fighter Peter Nelson
Fire Fighter Andrew Brunn Fire Fighter Peter Vega
Fire Fighter Andrew Fredericks Fire Fighter Raymond Meisenheimer
Fire Fighter Andrew Jordan Fire Fighter Raymond York
Fire Fighter Angel Juarbe Jr. Fire Fighter Richard Allen
Fire Fighter Anthony Rodriguez Fire Fighter Richard Kelly Jr.
Fire Fighter Arthur Barry Fire Fighter Richard Muldowney Jr.
Fire Fighter Benjamin Suarez Fire Fighter Richard Sclafani
Fire Fighter Brian Bilcher Fire Fighter Richard Vanhine
Fire Fighter Brian Cannizzaro Fire Fighter Robert Beddia
Fire Fighter Brian McAleese Fire Fighter Robert Cordice
Fire Fighter Brian Sweeney Fire Fighter Robert Crawford
Fire Fighter Bruce Gary Fire Fighter Robert Curatolo
Fire Fighter Calixto Anaya Jr. Fire Fighter Robert Evans
Fire Fighter Carl Asaro Fire Fighter Robert Foti
Fire Fighter Carl Bedician Fire Fighter Robert Hamilton
Fire Fighter Carl Bini Fire Fighter Robert Johnson
Fire Fighter Carl Molinaro Fire Fighter Robert King Jr.
Fire Fighter Charles Mendez Fire Fighter Robert Lane
Fire Fighter Charles Myshrall Fire Fighter Robert Linnane
Fire Fighter Christian Regenhard Fire Fighter Robert McMahon
Fire Fighter Christopher Blackwell Fire Fighter Robert McPadden
Fire Fighter Christopher Mozzillo Fire Fighter Robert Minara
Fire Fighter Christopher Pickford Fire Fighter Robert Parro
Fire Fighter Christopher Santora Fire Fighter Robert Spear Jr.
Fire Fighter Dana Hannon Fire Fighter Ronald W. Thomas
Fire Fighter Daniel F. Pujdak Fire Fighter Ronnie Gies
Fire Fighter Daniel Harlin Fire Fighter Ronnie Henderson
Fire Fighter Daniel Libretti Fire Fighter Ruben Correa
Fire Fighter Daniel Suhr Fire Fighter Salvatore Calabro
Fire Fighter David Arce Fire Fighter Samuel Oitice
Fire Fighter David Derubbio Fire Fighter Scott Davidson
Fire Fighter David Fontana Fire Fighter Scott Kopytko
Fire Fighter David Halderman Fire Fighter Scott Larsen
Fire Fighter David LaForge Fire Fighter Sean Hanley
Fire Fighter David Weiss Fire Fighter Sean Tallon
Fire Fighter Denis Germain fire Fighter Sergio Villanueva
Fire Fighter Dennis Carey Fire Fighter Shawn Powell
Fire Fighter Dennis McHugh Fire Fighter Stanley Smagaia Jr.
Fire Fighter Dennis Mulligan Fire Fighter Stephen Belson
Fire Fighter Dennis Oberg Fire Fighter Stephen Russell
Fire Fighter Dennis Scauso Fire Fighter Stephen Siller
Fire Fighter Donald Regan Fire Fighter Steve Mercado
Fire Fighter Douglas Miller Fire Fighter Steven Coakley
Fire Fighter Douglas Oelschlager Fire Fighter Steven Olsen
Fire Fighter Durrell Pearsall Fire Fighter Tarel Coleman
Fire Fighter Edward Day Fire Fighter Terence McShane
Fire Fighter Edward Rall Fire Fighter Terrence Farrell
Fire Fighter Edward White Fire Fighter Thomas Butler
Fire Fighter Eric Allen Fire Fighter Thomas Casoria
Fire Fighter Eric Olsen Fire Fighter Thomas Cullen III
Fire Fighter Eugene Whelan Fire Fighter Thomas Foley
Fire Fighter Faustino Apostol Jr. Fire Fighter Thomas Gambino
Fire Fighter Francis Esposito Fire Fighter Thomas Gardner
Fire Fighter Frank Bonomo Fire Fighter Thomas Hannafin
Fire Fighter Frank Palombo Fire Fighter Thomas Hetzel
Fire Fighter Gary Box Fire Fighter Thomas Holohan
Fire Fighter Gary Geidel Fire Fighter Thomas Kennedy
Fire Fighter George Cain Fire Fighter Thomas Kuveikis
Fire Fighter George Di Pasqual Fire Fighter Thomas McCann
Fire Fighter Gerald Atwood Fire Fighter Thomas Mingione
Fire Fighter Gerard Baptiste Fire Fighter Thomas R. Kelly
Fire Fighter Gerard Dewan Fire Fighter Thomas Sabella
Fire Fighter Gerard Duffy Fire Fighter Thomas Schoales
Fire Fighter Gerard Nevins Fire Fighter Thomas W. Kelly
Fire Fighter Gerard Schrang Fire Fighter Timothy Haskell
Fire Fighter Greg Buck Fire Fighter Timothy McSweeny
Fire Fighter Gregory Saucedo Fire Fighter Timothy Welty
Fire Fighter Gregory Sikorsky Fire Fighter Vernon Cherry
Fire Fighter Gregory Stajk Fire Fighter Vincent Kane
Fire Fighter Hector Tirado Jr. Fire Fighter Vincent Morello
Fire Fighter Henry Miller Jr. Fire Fighter Vincent Princiotta
Fire Fighter James Coyle Fire Fighter William Henry
Fire Fighter James Giberson Fire Fighter William Johnston
Fire Fighter James Gray Fire Fighter William Krukowski
Fire Fighter James O’Shea Fire Fighter William Lake
Fire Fighter James Pappageorge Fire Fighter William Mahoney
Fire Fighter James Riches Fire Fighter Karl Joseph
Fire Fighter Jeffrey Giordano Fire Marshal Ronald Bucca
Fire Fighter Jeffrey Olsen Fire Police Captain Richard Hoist
Fire Fighter Jeffrey Palazzo Jr. Lieutenant Charles Garbarini
Fire Fighter Jeffrey Stark Lieutenant Andrew Desperito
Fire Fighter Jeffrey Walz Lieutenant Anthony Jovic
Fire Fighter Johathan Hohmann Lieutenant Brian Ahearn
Fire Fighter John Bergin Lieutenant Charles Margiotta
Fire Fighter John Burnside Lieutenant Charles McCarthy ‘Chip’
Fire Fighter John Chipura Lieutenant Christopher Sullivan
Fire Fighter John Collins Lieutenant Curtis Meyran
Fire Fighter John Florio Lieutenant Daniel O’Callaghan
Fire Fighter John Giordano Lieutenant Dennis Mojica
Fire Fighter John Heffernan Lieutenant Geoffrey Guja
Fire Fighter John Marshall Lieutenant Glenn Perry
Fire Fighter John McAvoy Lieutenant Glenn Wilkinson
Fire Fighter John Napolitano Lieutenant Greg Atlas
Fire Fighter John Santore Lieutenant Harvey Harrell
Fire Fighter John Schardt Lieutenant Howard J. Carpluk, Jr.
Fire Fighter John Tierney Lieutenant John Bellew
Fire Fighter John Tipping II Lieutenant John Crisci
Fire Fighter John Vigiano II Lieutenant John Fischer
Fire Fighter Jonathan Croom Lieutenant John Ginley
Fire Fighter Jonathan Ielpi Lieutenant John H. Martinson
Fire Fighter Jose Guadalupe Lieutenant Joseph Gullickson
Fire Fighter Joseph Agnello Lieutenant Joseph Leavey
Fire Fighter Joseph Angelini Lieutenant Kenneth Phelan
Fire Fighter Joseph Angelini Jr. Lieutenant Kevin Donnely
Fire Fighter Joseph Graffagnino Lieutenant Kevin Dowdell
Fire Fighter Joseph Henry Lieutenant Kevin Pfeifer
Fire Fighter Joseph Hunter Lieutenant Michael Esposito
Fire Fighter Joseph Maffeo Lieutenant Michael Fodor
Fire Fighter Joseph Maloney Lieutenant Michael Healey
Fire Fighter Joseph Mascali Lieutenant Michael Quilty
Fire Fighter Joseph Ogren Lieutenant Michael Russo
Fire Fighter Joseph Rivelli Jr. Lieutenant Michael Warchola
Fire Fighter Joseph Spor Lieutenant Paul Martini
Fire Fighter Keith Glascoe Lieutenant Paul Mitchell
Fire Fighter Keithroy Maynard Lieutenant Peter Freund
Fire Fighter Kenneth Kumpel Lieutenant Peter Martin
Fire Fighter Kenneth Marino Lieutenant Philip Petti
Fire Fighter Kenneth Watson Lieutenant Raymond Murphy
Fire Fighter Kevin Bracken Lieutenant Richard Vernon
Fire Fighter Kevin O’Rourke Lieutenant Robert Nagel
Fire Fighter Kevin Prior Lieutenant Robert Regan
Fire Fighter Kevin Reilly Lieutenant Robert Wallace
Fire Fighter Kevin Smith Lieutenant Ronald Kerwin
Fire Fighter Lawrence Veling Lieutenant Stephen Harrell
Fire Fighter Lawrence Virgilio Lieutenant Steven Bates
Fire Fighter Lee Fehling Lieutenant Thomas O’Hagen
Fire Fighter Leon Smith Jr. Lieutenant Timothy Higgins
Fire Fighter Leonard Ragaglia Lieutenant Vincent Giammona
Fire Fighter Lincoln Quappe Lieutenant Vincent Halloran
Fire Fighter Louis Arena Lieutenant William McGinn
Fire Fighter Manuel Delvalle Lieutenant Edward D’atri
Fire Fighter Manuel Mojica Paramedic Carlos Lillo
Fire Fighter Mark Bradley Davis Paramedic Ricardo Quinn
Fire Fighter Mark Whitford  


It is FLEF’s intention to honor each and every hero that has made the ultimate sacrifice in the performance of their sworn duty.
If you find that your loved one or a colleague is not listed or if any posted information is incorrect, we apologize.

Please assist us in making the correction by emailing us at with the updated information. Thank you.